Ready to go Live!

We are ready to go live and into the final beta testing phase. We’ve sent passwords to some of our most loyal customers at the Retro Mini Store so they could test the system, downloads, password entering/reset, security and everything that needs to be tweaked before we go full-on live for new sign-ups, and this is some of the content already on the server ready for when we go live:

– Complete MAME 0.193 (MAME 2010 Reference Set)
– Complete MAME 0.37b5 (MAME 2000 Reference Set)
– Complete MAME 0.78 (MAME 2003 Reference Set)

– Complete PlayStation US and Japan ISO collection
– Complete SEGA CD ISO collection
– SEGA Saturn Hyperspin pack with 300 ISOs.
– 200+ Dreamcast GDi USA redumps

– Complete Arcade, Pinball and Video Games (Arcades) flyer archive
– Video game documentaries
– Atari 2600 Commercials
– Tons of Commodore 64, Amiga and ZX Spectrum magazines
– Complete Retro Gamer magazine collection up to 2016
– All 78 episodes of G4TV Icons available on TV Shows

– 3 Retropie images from Retro Mini Store, 2 for the Pi 3B+ (Arcade32 and Ultimate 128) and one for the Pi 4 (Ultimate 128)
– 37 System Packs for the Retropie, with box art, snaps and gamelist.xml ready to be used in any Retropie image. Packs include: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Bandai Wonderswan, Colecovision, Mattel Intellivision, NEC Pc-Engine, PCE CD, TG-16, TG 16 CD, NEO-GEO, NEO-GEO Pocket, Nintendo 64, DS, Famicom, GameBoy, Gameboy Advance, NES, SNES, VirtualBoy, 32X, SEGA CD, Game Gear, Mega Drive / Genesis, Master System, SG-1000 and PSP Minis.

UPDATE: The list of stuff uploaded on the first week is out now, take a look at the new additions here. More stuff coming daily!