Added Content on the Week of August 30th to September 5th, 2020.

Another week, another boat load of content uploaded to the cloud! This week a focus on handheld systems such as Atari Lynx and the GameBoy, a few more vintage magazines, a huge Daphne LaserDisc Arcade collection in Arcades. In Consoles, all classic Atari systems were added, and also the Nintendo 64 and Atari’s most fierce competitor from the late 70’s and early 80’s: the Mattel Intellivision. Continuing with the Atari theme, all TOSEC-verified Atari ST software was added as well. All in a all, a great week and a ton of stuff available to our subscribers!

Take a look at the detailed lists below.

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RetroGames Cloud is Now Live and Announcing the Ambassador Program!

Finally we are entering the final testing phase of the Retro Games Cloud this week, and it is proudly that we announce the Ambassador Program.

This program was created for the hard-core retro gamer that wants to have it all, forever! We have several terabytes of content to share on the Retro Games Cloud, and all this content needs to be added to the cloud server bit by bit, specially because of technical limitations and also because we are curating everything that goes in there, so we don’t have any redundant pieces of software or media available to the users.

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Ready to go Live!

We are ready to go live and into the final beta testing phase. We’ve sent passwords to some of our most loyal customers at the Retro Mini Store so they could test the system, downloads, password entering/reset, security and everything that needs to be tweaked before we go full-on live for new sign-ups, and this is some of the content already on the server ready for when we go live:

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