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Retro Games Cloud Packages

These are the packages we are offering right now. Click on SIGN UP under the package you’d like to purchase to be taken to the Retro Mini Store online store to purchase it.

Ambassador Founder Package

Pay a one-time fee and have lifetime access to our cloud

– Everything that monthly access offers, plus access to the Ambassador folder with exclusive content not available on the regular cloud access.

– Early access to some of the new upcoming cloud content, and to work-in-progress Retropie images from the Retro Mini Store.

– Unrestricted access to all our content, including FTP access for faster download speeds.

– Ambassadors can also do special requests for content not on the cloud yet. Don’t see something you need or would like to have? Let us know and we will try to get that for you!

– Get all the contents of the cloud backed up in external hard drives (provided by the customer), if the service is discontinued in the future.

ATTENTION: This is a limited time package! We will not keep this around for longer, so if you want all these perks and advantages, sign-up now!

Sign up Now: $495.00 One-time Lifetime Access

Monthly Access Packages

– Access to all our current content through the regular cloud access using your computer’s browser. No monthly limits to download, to wait times to download anything. Just login, browse and start using or downloading the content you want.

– View, print or watch media files such as flyers, magazines and videos right on your browser, no need to download any media, if you don’t want.

– Get access to a new Retropie image from Retro Mini Store every month, so you can flash and use on your own Raspberry Pi.

– Access to our exclusive blog with information on upcoming updates, added/removed files.

– You can cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.

$39.95 / Month

1 Month

Renews Monthly
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$29.98 / Month

3 Months

For $89.95
Renews Every 3 Months

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$19.99 / Month

12 Months

For $239.95
Renews Every 12 Months

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