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Frequent Questions

What is the Retro Games Cloud?

The Retro Games Cloud is a retro-gaming memory preservation initiative, aimed to save the history of classic gaming and computing from the past!

We are not only trying to preserve every single console, arcade or computer title ever created, but also media such as magazines, books, manuals, advertisements, flyers, box art, commercials, documentaries, movies and everything you can imagine, related to these games, companies, systems and programs.

Our goal is to preserve everything between the 70’s and the late 90’s, so pretty much all titles since the inception of console gaming and home computing from the very beginning of the first generation of consoles to the PlayStation 2 era, from the early Computers to the PC.

As an effort to simplify how you are going to enjoy this media, our cloud access allows you to view videos and see printed material right from your browser. You can both view it or download it as you please. Games and programs can be downloaded and enjoyed on a modern computer through emulators, or an a device such as the Raspberry Pi. Access to the cloud is web-based, so it is easy to login and download or watch what you want, with just a simple click of the mouse.

We are even providing ready-built Raspberry Pi images for the Pi 3B/3B+ and 4, that you can download and flash into a microSD card to enjoy complete collections quickly.

We have not forgotten the flash cart user as well, you can get content setup for devices such as the MEGA SD, the Everdrive or any other solution available.

The archive is growing daily, so you can expect an ever growing collection catered to the retro gamer and vintage computer fan being progressively built over time.

Again, everything is carefully curated, so you can have the absolute best version of everything, being it games, software or media types.

If This is Just Preservation, Why Are You Charging For Access?

In 2020, fast, reliable and secure server space costs a lot money. Also the time and effort to curate and put all this together costs money. We entertained having all this out on a website so anyone could just go there and download, but it would also consume even more time and money because we would have to invest in security, develop a script that could display all this properly and there are no web servers that can take terabytes of content such as this available for download.

So, after a lot of research we found that a cloud service, even though it has monthly server space and bandwidth costs, is a lot better than just a website and even easier to update, maintain and monitor the download and use of the service. Still, none of this structure is free, all this costs money, hence the need to charge for the service.

I Can Get All This Stuff For Free, So I Don’t See the Point!

Can you find all this for free online? Yes you can. If you put on the time and the effort to dig the deepest corners of the internet, facing pop-ups, malware that tries to auto-install on your machine, shady websites in general plus having thousands of hours available to click on download links and enter annoying captchas that want to verify if you are human or not, or even wait for time limits on file-sharing servers, you definitely can find everything we have here, however, keep in mind that what you’ll find here is a result of 20 years of collecting, testing and selecting material that we have stored in over 20TB of hard drive space, and it changes daily.

As we come across new and better versions of game and media content all the time we are always improving the contents of the cloud service, while we are working to improve everything and have clean and complete collections for you to appreciate. Charging for the service also allows for us to dedicate more time doing it, therefore improving what you’ll find on the Retro Games Cloud.

I Want Games for My Nintendo Switch, XBOX One or PlayStation 4, can I have it?

Not here. We only carry vintage stuff that is not found on any of the current generations of systems. If anything can be purchased on the PSN, XBOX Live or any Nintendo service, you can’t find it here. Our goal is to preserve the vintage stuff and make it easy for you to enjoy it, not offer piracy. If you are looking for piracy, please look somewhere else. Again, anything newer than PlayStation 2 is barred from our system, so if this content seems too old for you, please don’t sign up.

So, what do you have then? Can I see it?

If you are uncertain, you can either look into our blog for updates, and have a good idea on what we have in store for you, or you can just sign up for a 1 month access and experience for yourself. There are no daily limits or limits on what you can get or not, so as soon as you get your login and password to our system, you can browse and start downloading immediately.

Can I play games on my browser straight from the cloud?

No, you can’t. This is not like “Google Stadia” or “PlayStation Now”, where you stream games from the cloud into your console or computer, or you can play browser games. This is a repository. A storage service.

It happens that the cloud is web-based, so you can view movies on your browser, streamed from the cloud, or view flyers, logos, read magazines, and pretty much use all media files included without the need to download any of them. The games, emulators and programs must be downloaded to your computer, installed and setup properly in order to play.

If you don’t want or don’t know how to setup any of this, you are covered: We are offering ready to flash Raspberry Pi images and Launchbox/Attract Mode/Hyperspin setups where all you need to do is download the package, install on your computer and start to play following some really simple instructions.

Want to know more about our packages? Click here! Ready to sign-up now? Click here then!